Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Morigirl style & Casual museum day

Moikka ihanaiset 💟

Mulla oli sellainen kiva spessukiva pĂ€ivĂ€ ja kĂ€vin museokeskus Vapriikissa ja vihdoin ja viimein pelimuseossa! Yayy~ (⌒▽⌒)☆
Vapriikki on ihan mahtava mesta, siellĂ€ on runsaasti pysyviĂ€ ja myös vaihtuvia nĂ€yttelyitĂ€. TĂ€llĂ€ kertaa kierrokseen mahtui pelimuseo, lego taidetta, nukkemuseo, luonnontieteellinen ja kivinĂ€yttely. Arvaatte varmaankin, ettĂ€ suurin osa ajasta kului tietenkin Suomen pelimuseossa. SiellĂ€ saa pelata!! Ja pelejĂ€ on ihan kauheesti!!! SiellĂ€ vierĂ€hti joku reilu kolme tuntia, enkĂ€ kyllĂ€ olisi lĂ€htenyt minnekÀÀn, mutta kun tuli kamala nĂ€lkĂ€. Muuten olisin jÀÀnyt sinne ja musta ei kukaan olis kuullu enÀÀ, olisin muuttunu sellaiseksi omituiseksi pieneksi peikoksi, joka pelaa pĂ€ivin ja öin. Sit ne olis kertonu siellĂ€ tarinoita tĂ€stĂ€ pienestĂ€ omituisesta otuksesta, joka vaeltaa pelimuseossa. (≧◡≦)

Hello lovelies 💟

I had the kind of special fun day and went to visit museum center Vapriikki and finally after waiting to a game museum! Yayy~ (⌒▽⌒)☆
Vapriikki is an awesome place, they have numerous permanent and changing exhibits. This time on my tour was the game museum, lego art, doll museum, natural history and mineral exhibit. You might guess that most of time was spent at the Finnish museum of games. You can play there!! And there are so many games!!! Spent over three hours there and didn't really want to leave anywhere, but got terribly hungry. Otherwise would have stayed there and never been heard from again, turning into a weird little museum goblin gaming all day and all night. They would have told stories about this little weird creature who roams around at the game museum. (≧◡≦)

Hauska fakta: mun villakangastakki on mun Àidin vanha vintage takki, jonka alkuperÀ on 60-luku tai 70-luku tai jostain siitÀ vaihteesta. ^-^

Fun fact: my woolen coat is my mom's old vintage coat from the 60's or the 70's or somewhere from the turn of the decades. ^-^

Pelimuseossa on sellaisia eri aikakausien huoneita, mitkĂ€ on sisustettu kaikella sellaisella mitĂ€ sillon esim nuoren omasta huoneesta tai perheen olohuoneesta löytyi. Voi vitsi mitĂ€ nostalgiaviboja! Jotain kivaa olis tehny mieli napata ihan mukaan, kuten tuo PÀÀttymĂ€tön Tarina -juliste. ♥

The game museum had rooms from different time periods and they were decorated as they would have looked back then, what could be found in a living room or a bedroom of a teenager. Oh damn the nostalgic vibes! Some things would have liked to grab and take home with me, like the Never ending story -poster. ♥ 

"LĂ€hettĂ€kÀÀ apujoukkoja! Olen pelannut tÀÀllĂ€ jo kolme tuntia ja loppua ei nĂ€y!!" o(≧▽≦)o

"Send help! I've been playing here for three hours already and not seeing the end of it!!" o(≧▽≦)o

Muistan kun Hugo-peliÀ seurasin telkkarista pienenÀ. Se siis nÀkyi livenÀ telkkarissa ja siihen osallistuttiin pelaamalla lankapuhelimen napeilla kotoa. Hugo on sellainen perus tasohyppely, missÀ vÀistellÀÀn juttuja ja hypitÀÀn jne. Tarkoituksena on pelastaa Hugon tyttö ja pikkuhugot.

I remember when Hugo-game was on TV when I was little. So it was aired live and people could participate and play the game with their landline phone buttons from home. Hugo is a basic platform game, where you dock stuff and jump etc. The main goal is to save Hugo's girl and littlehugos.

I wonder how come I always notice the cats everywhere x)
These dollhouse rooms are amazing! All the details! Woah!! ♥ ♥ Definitely done by a cat person..hihii! ♥


Paita | Shirt~  Bobon21
Kettumekko | Fox dress~  Thrifted & altered 
Alushame | Underskirt~  Thrifted vintage
Saappaat | Boots~  Thrifted
Takki | Coat~  Vintage
Korvikset | Earrings~  Glitter
Villahattu | Wool hat~  Made by my mom
Kissalaukku | Cat handbag~  Muchacha Achachum

Tarkoituksena oli pukeutua mukavasti ja lĂ€mpöisesti ja kyllĂ€, onnistuin! Oli oikein mukava olla ja haahuilla museossa. PÀÀlle pÀÀtyi mun ihana kettumekko ja vĂ€hĂ€n kerroksia. PienenĂ€ yksityiskohtana puiset korvikset mĂ€tsÀÀ söpösti alushameen pitsireunaan. (o˘◡˘o)

My idea was to dress up comfy and warm and yes, I succeeded! Was feeling very comfortable walking around the museum. Ended up wearing my lovely fox dress and some layers. As a little cute detail the earrings match nicely with the lace hemline of the underskirt. (o˘◡˘o)

Purr purr 
*haleja*  |  *hugs*

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Saturday, March 11, 2017

🌾 Women's day - Casual classic lolita 👒

Moi murut đŸ’•

Juhlistelin naistenpĂ€ivÀÀ pienellĂ€ visiitiillĂ€ keskustaan ja vĂ€hĂ€n laittautumalla nĂ€tiksi. NaistenpĂ€ivĂ€hĂ€n tarkoittaa muutakin, kuin suklaan ja kukkien saamista sekĂ€ edustaa hyvin tĂ€rkeitĂ€ asioita. Mun elĂ€mĂ€ssĂ€ se nĂ€kyy siten, ettĂ€ haluan kaiken kotitouhun vastapainoksi olla myös omanlaiseni nainen, en pelkĂ€stÀÀn kotiĂ€iti. Äitiyteen hukkumisen sijaan haluan pitÀÀ kiinni myös omasta itsestĂ€ni yksilönĂ€. Se on ollut mulle aina hyvin tĂ€rkeÀÀ. Vaikka Ă€iteys on oikeastaan naisena se hyvin naisellinen asia, mutta sen ei tarvitse mÀÀrittÀÀ itseĂ€nsĂ€. Äiteys on hyvin stereotypinen ja vaativa rooli, on ollut jo hyvin kauan. Äiti nĂ€hdÀÀn mÀÀrĂ€tynlaisena ihmisenĂ€, jolla on epĂ€inhimillinen lista kriteerejĂ€ tĂ€ytettĂ€vĂ€ksi. On todella ihanaa kuinka nykyÀÀn tĂ€ssĂ€ asiassa on paljon vapautta ja erilaisuus on luonut itselleen tilaa. Itse haluan antaa rakkaalle tyttĂ€relleni mahdollisuuden kasvaa sellaiseksi ihmiseksi ja naiseksi, kuin hĂ€n itse haluaa. Opettaa kunnioitusta kaikkea ympĂ€röivÀÀ kohtaan ja yrittÀÀ parhaani mukaan olla hyvĂ€nĂ€ esimerkkinĂ€, mikĂ€ on aikamoinen potku itselle kasvaa jatkuvasti ihmisenĂ€. PitĂ€mĂ€llĂ€ kiinni omista jutuistani, haluan myös nĂ€yttÀÀ esimerkkiĂ€ terveestĂ€ itsekkyydestĂ€. 💖 Okei meni vĂ€hĂ€n sivuraiteille tĂ€stĂ€ naistenpĂ€ivĂ€stĂ€, mutta tuli höpinĂ€plörinĂ€asiaa pÀÀstĂ€, koittakaa jaksaa mua ja mun höpinöitĂ€. (≧▽≦)

Hello darlings 💕

I celebrated international women's day with a little visit to the city center and dressing up a bit. Women's day means much more than only getting chocolate and flowers, it also represents some very important matters. In my life the way it shows is how I want to balance all home stuff by being my own kind of woman, not just a home mom. Instead of drowning in to motherhood I want to also hold on to myself as an individual. It's always been very important to me. Even though motherhood is actually a very woman-like thing as a woman, but it doesn't have to define oneself. Motherhood is a very stereotypical and demanding role, has been for a very long time. Mother is seen as a certain kind of person, who has an inhuman list of criteria to fill. It's really lovely how these days in this matter there is more freedom and dissimilarity and diversity have made room for their selves. In my part I want to give my beloved daughter a chance to grow up to the kind of person and a woman, that she wants to be. Teach respect to all things around us and try my best to be a good example, which is quite a kick to oneself constantly grow as a human being. 💖 Okies this went a little sidetracked from the women's day, but I got a this flow from my head, try to bare with me and my blabbering. (≧▽≦)

Casual classic lolita

Paita | Shirt:  Axes Femme
Mekko | Dress:  Emily Temple Cute
Sukkikset | Tights:  Lindex
Nilkkurit | Ankle boots:  Liz Lisa
Baskeri | Beret:  H&M
Peruukki | Wig:  Gothic Lolita Wigs - Rhapsody in Auburn
Piilarit | Circle lenses:  Uniqso - Sweety

Olen tosi tyytyvÀinen tÀhÀn lookkiin, juuri tÀydellinen tuona pÀivÀnÀ. Oli hirmuisen kylmÀ viima ja piti pukeutua lÀmpöisesti, joten samettimekko on aina hyvÀ valinta. Kaiken pÀÀlle vielÀ vintage karvatakki, villasukat ja uudet Liz Lisa talvikengÀt, niin kyllÀ tarkenee. Söin lounaaksi ison palan kakkua ja pari kupposta kahvia, joten mukavan vÀljÀ mekko oli tÀydellinen.

I'm very happy with this look, just perfect on that day. There was a horribly cold wind and had to dress up warmly, so a velvet dress is always a good choice. On top of everything a fluffy vintage coat, woolen socks and new Liz Lisa winter shoes, should be warm enough. For lunch I ate a chunky piece of cake and couple cups of coffee, so a comfy loose dress was perfect.

KĂ€vin siis kakkukahvilla ja höpisemĂ€ssĂ€ kuvausprojektista, minkĂ€ jĂ€lkeen suuntasin Sokoksen Kutsu Kauneuteen-tapahtumaan. Menin sillĂ€ ajatuksella, ettĂ€ en varsinaisesti tarvitse uusia meikkejĂ€, mutta jos nyt hieman jotain kivaa nappaisin. Mulla oli hyödynnettĂ€vĂ€nĂ€ sellainen -20% kauneuspassi, millĂ€ sai kolmesta tuotteesta mainitun alennuksen. No matkaan lĂ€hti sitten kauan himoittu Urban Decay Full Spectrum paletti. Se saa luvan olla oman naiseuteni hemmottelu ja tulevan syntymĂ€pĂ€ivĂ€n itsensĂ€ lahjomis lahja. TĂ€ytyyhĂ€n sitĂ€ nyt saada vĂ€hĂ€n sateenkaarivĂ€rejĂ€ millĂ€ maalailla nassua! Kaveriksi vielĂ€ parit Nyxin meikit. Mmmm..ihanuutta! Tuntuu kivalta saada kunnollisia meikkejĂ€. (o^―^o)

So I went to have coffee and cake and to talk about a photoshoot project, after which I headed to Sokos Kutsu Kauneuteen -event (=call to beauty). I went with a thought in my head, that I don't actually need any new makeup, but perhaps could get a little something nice. I had this exploitable -20% coupon, that gave me the opportunity to get the discount from three items. Well I took home a long wanted Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. It will have to do as my treat to womanhood and my  upcoming birthday's present for myself. Well I just have to have some rainbow colors to paint my face with! Also some Nyx makeup found their way home with me. Mmm..lovelyness! Feels nice to get some proper makeup.

The full spectrum package is so prettyyy~ 

Teittekös jotain ihanaa spessua naistenpĂ€ivĂ€nĂ€? 
Did you do something lovely and special on women's day?

*haleja*  đŸ’  *hugs*

❤~ Saija Sasetar

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Punaiset Kuoma talvisaappaat 💕 Red Kuoma winter boots

Moikka ihaniaset! 💗

Tiettekö kun asuu maassa, missĂ€ sÀÀolot on vĂ€hĂ€n hankalat hienoille vaatteille, tĂ€ytyy alkaa luovaksi! Sain hiljattain tuollaiset klassiset suomalaiset Kuoma talvisaappaat, punaiset sellaiset. NĂ€itĂ€hĂ€n nĂ€kee paljon etenkin pienillĂ€ lapsilla talvikenkinĂ€. Olen tĂ€llainen vilukissa ja palelen aina, etenkin varpaat ja sormet on aina jÀÀssĂ€, joten villasukista luovun vasta kun on oikeasti lĂ€mmin! Hihi~ NĂ€mĂ€ ovat mukavan kĂ€ytĂ€nnölliset ja sinne mahtuu muhkeat villasukat. No mutta miksei niitĂ€ voisi kĂ€yttÀÀ kauniiden vaatteiden kanssa, tietenkin voi! ăƒœ(*⌒‿⌒*)

Hello darlings! 💗

You know when living in a country, that has a bit tricky weather conditions for fancy clothes, it's time to get creative! I recently got a kind of classic Finnish Kuoma winter boots, red ones. These are seen especially a lot on little children as winter shoes. They are also made in Finland. I'm a person who's always cold, especially my fingers and toes are always freezing, so I'm not giving up my woolen socks until it's actually warm! Hihi~ These are comfy and practical and can fit fluffy woolen socks. So why couldn't I wear them with pretty clothes, well of course I can! ăƒœ(*⌒‿⌒*)

Mulla on uusi kissahame! Iiiih~ (≧◡≦) ♥ Se on niin söpö!! Hameen nimeĂ€ en tiedĂ€, mutta se on japanilaisen Shirley Temple -merkin hame. Jos tiedĂ€tte printin nimen, kertokaa ihmeessĂ€, olisin kiitollinen. TiedĂ€n ainakin, ettĂ€ tĂ€tĂ€ on myös vaaleanpunaisena. SiinĂ€ on ihanaisen hassu pörrösydĂ€n tasku. Kissoja! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I have a new cat skirt! Iiiih~ (≧◡≦) ♥ It's so cute!! The name of the skirt I do not know, but it's from a Japanese Shirley Temple brand. If you know the name of the print, please tell me, would  be grateful. At least I know it comes in pink as well. I has a funny adorable little fluffy hear pocket. Cats! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kittycat casual lolita

  • Paita / Blouse~  H&M (thrifted) 
  • Kissa hame / Cat skirt~  Shirley Temple (japan auctions)
  • Saappaat / Boots~  Kuoma (second hand)
  • Kissalaukku / Cat purse~  H&M
  • Lierihattu / Brimmed hat~  H&M
  • Punainen peruukki / Red wig~  Rock Star Wigs - Hologram
  • Piilarit / Circle lenses~  Uniqso - Sweety

Ulos mennessĂ€ tietenkin laitoin vĂ€hĂ€n kerroksia lisÀÀ, pÀÀlle tuli vielĂ€ musta neuletakki, musta lyhyt talvitakki ja tumput. Pysyy lĂ€mpöisenĂ€, etenkin varpaat, ei kaadu liukkaalla kelillĂ€ ja voi silti kĂ€yttÀÀ söpöÀ huoliteltua asua. Ihanaa! ♡ Mulla tulee tĂ€stĂ€ jotenkin pienet otome -vibat, sen verran arkinen lolitaksi ja hameen alle ei vaan mahtunut kovin paljon puffua alle. Otome-lolita?

Put some more layers of course before heading out, there was a black cardigan, black short winter coat and mittens. Staying warm, especially the toes, won't fall with slippery roads and can still use a cute coordinated outfit. Wonderful! ♡ Somehow I get a little otome vibes from this, it's quite casual for lolita and couldn't fit loads of poofyness underneath the skirt. Otome-lolita?

Pakko esitellĂ€ mun uusi pieni hyllyasukki: BB-8 ♥

Nekalan LöytöliiterissĂ€ on loppuunmyynti ja kaikki -50%, nappasin siis lelupuolelta jotain pientĂ€ mukaan. Nyt se hengailee tuolla hyllyllĂ€ muiden hassujen otusten kanssa ja siihen on sellainen vetotikku, minkĂ€ kanssa BB-8 pitÀÀ ihan oikeanlaista ÀÀntĂ€. Voi kun se on suloista! 

Gotta show you my new tiny shelf-creature: BB-8 ♥

There's a closing sale at a huge store, that sells almost all sorts of stuff and they are having everything half off, so I got something for myself from the toy sections. Now it's hanging out with my other weird shelf creatures and it has this stick thingy and when using it, BB-8 makes authentic sounds. It's so darn adorable! 

Ensi kertaan! *haleja*  |  Till next time! *hugs*

❤~ Saija Sasetar